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Top Ultrabooks Comparison Charts and Specs

Top Ultrabooks Comparison Charts and Specs

With so many top Ultrabooks flooding the market with the popular, new ultra-portable laptop category, it is hard to decide which one is the right one for you. We decided to gather the machines to do an Ultrabook comparison report to help you choose which one will best suit your wants and needs.

We have taken the top Ultrabooks on the market, and the ever so famous MacBook Air, to compare them all. You will discover which ones reign supreme in different categories like portability, performance, features, battery life and more.

Size and Weight Ultrabook Comparison

Ultrabook Comparison Chart

According to this chart, the lightest Ultrabooks are the Acer Aspire S5 and the Samsung Series 9. The heaviest being the HP Sleekbook 6, obviously since it has the larger 15.6 inch screen.

The Apple MacBook Air has been made legendary by its incredible thinness of just .11 inches at the tip of the front end, but it does gradually get thicker up to .68 inch on the back end. The Zenbook Prime basically matches the thickness of the Air, but is very slightly thinner in the front and thicker in the back. The Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook actually appears to be the overall thinnest all-around.

The Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook is currently the most compact of all the Ultrabooks available right now. With its width and height dimensions of 12.4 x 8.1 inches, it is a lot smaller than all the others on this list, even the 13 inch MacBook Air.

Ultrabook Price and Spec Comparison

Ultrabook Price Comparison Chart

On this chart, you’ll notice the HP Sleekbook 6 is by far the cheapest laptop on the list. Of course, the Sleekbook isn’t actually an ‘Ultrabook’, but a similar alternative with the much cheaper AMD processor and traditional HDD. Though it may be an awesome deal with its price, the performance on the Intel Ultrabooks is noticeably much better.

Besides the AMD Equipped Sleekbook, the Sony VAIO T Series Ultrabook is the most affordable on the list (Funny because VAIOs are usually overpriced). This VAIO was released with lots of features and great performance considering its really low price. It’s a great choice for those looking for a sexy looking Ultrabook on a tight budget.

The Dell Inspiron 14z, Dell’s first Ultrabook in their budget friendly ‘Inspiron’ series laptops, is also a notable contestant. Though it is a little more expensive than the Sony VAIO, it packs so much into the little machine at an awesome value!

For Ultrabooks, battery life is very important and one of the main selling points. For the longest time, the MacBook Air has reigned supreme in the battery life category. In these tests, it still lasted the longest out of this list though the HP Folio 13 Ultrabook currently has the longest tested battery life. The top lasting battery from the Ultrabooks on this list goes to the Sony VAIO.

Ultrabook Performance Comparison

Lower Numbers Are Better

Ultrabook Comparison Performance

The HP Sleekbook 6 lags behind the competition with its inferior performance in multitasking due to its cheaper, budget friendly processor. The 2.1GHz AMD A6 processor in it may not perform everyday tasks like the others, but it does have a little bit of an edge in 3D gaming because of the A6 having a built in Radeon GPU for graphics. Like the Sleekbook, the Inspiron and VAIO use traditional HDD drives to store memory, but those two Ultrabooks have hybrid drives with 32GB flash memory to use for lightning fast Windows and app boot ups.

The top performing laptop on this list for multitasking is the MacBook Air, with the combination of its super rapid flash memory and the Snow Leopard operating system from Apple. The MacBook’s overall multitasking performance is still on top, but the upcoming Windows 8 will help boost the performance of the PC user Ultrabooks.

The next behind the MacBook in multitasking, and the top scorer for image processing, the Acer Aspire S5 shows off its amazing performance. It is definitely a huge upgrade over last year’s Aspire S3, though a lot more costly. All of the current top Ultrabooks perform very well over all, they will meet most users’ needs with the Intel 3rd gen processors.

Ultrabook Features Comparison

Ultrabook Feature Comparison

So far, most of the Ultrabooks, and the MacBook Air, have mostly the same ports and features. As great as the Dell XPS 13 is, it does have a limited amount of ports (no SD card slot? Really?). The ASUS Zenbook has to most options out of this list adding to its functionality (Minus a display port option).

Ultrabook Comparison: What’s the Verdict?

Performance Winners: MacBook Air & Dell XPS 13

The 13 Inch MacBook Air still performs very strongly, especially with its super fast flash memory making it load apps really fast. The Dell XPS 13 does give it a run for its money though. It is very difficult to compare the performance of most of the top Ultrabooks since they all do VERY well and are all equipped with Intel’s new, 3rd gen processors.

Portability Winner: Dell XPS 13

It may not be the absolute thinnest, but the overall body of the Dell XPS 13 is so compact it’s ridiculous. It’s smaller size is visually obvious when side to side with other laptops in its class with the same screen size.

Multimedia Winner: ASUS Zenbook Prime

The Zenbook is an media monster! Not only is it beautiful, but the display is incredible with the full HD 1080 resolution. Along with the awesome speakers, it makes watching videos and other visual tasks an awesome experience.

Best Value Winner: Sony VAIO T & HP Sleekbook 6

The Sony VAIO T Series Ultrabook is an awesome value, giving you great performance and features for its incredible price. If you want an even more budget friendly laptop with basically the same features as an Ultrabook, the HP Sleekbook 6 is a very good laptop with a dirt cheap price!

3D Gaming Winner: Dell Inspiron 14z

Ok, so Ultrabooks and gaming don’t really mix that well, but for you gamers out there, the Dell Inspiron 14z makes as good as a gaming Ultrabook as any. Of course, this is only if you get the model with the dedicated graphics, which is now an option with this Dell Ultrabook.

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